About Me

I love to break and fix things.  I’ve been breaking stuff since I was very young.   But where was the joy in a broken toy?  So I learned how to fix things too.  Over time, I developed a talent for breaking and putting things back together.    Much to my daughter’s chagrin, I’m a tinkerer, but not the kind in story books.  I’m a modern technical tinkerer – a techno-warrior. 🙂

I’m a seasoned telecom consulting architect with 16 years of industry experience.  Currently I’m consulting with AT&T Labs on the Mobility side.  I’m working on VoLTE and related gateway and subscriber technologies.

My main hobby is endurance cycling.  You’ll find me riding back roads somewhere in the bay area on any given weekend when I’m not spending time with my family.  I have ambitions of riding in Paris Brest Paris 2015.

I also appreciate fine craft brews; usually IPAs.  Pliny and Stone Brewery varieties are always safe bets if you want to buy me a beer sometime.

Need help on your next Openstack / MAAS  or juju deployment?  Send me an email. Tell me what you have in mind.